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One of my favorite lenders wrote the following article which is quite timely for our area.

Homes under $300000 are still very slowly increasing in price. The main reason is the lack of inventory. Homes is the $500000 range have basically remained flat, with about the same number of buyer and sellers and a 4 month supply or so of homes. Above $800000 the market is mixed depending on the area and type of product condos have had a slight reduction in price over the last -6 months and luxury homes above 5 mils have either been flat or trending slightly down. We at Florida Preferred Mortgage still have jumbos rates in the 4s and mortgages under $423000 can put down as little as 3% on conventional loans.
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5 Rookie House Selling Errors

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5 Rookie House Selling Errors

It is an alluring idea to try and sell your property without utilizing the services of a real estate agent. Of course you can do it if you have some knowledge about real estate transactions and save a lot of your hard earned money. However, you must avoid these costly mistakes to save your money when attempting to sell your home on your own.

1.    Setting a Wrong Price

Most homeowners set a high asking price for their property as they want to sell it at a high price. Setting a wrong price makes it very difficult to sell the home even if you are ready to negotiate on the price. This is because many prospective buyers do not come forward with their offers at all as they think the price is too high.

2.    Choosing a Real Estate Agent in Miami  based upon His Fee

You have to pay the fee charged by the real estate agent when you rope him and utilize his services for selling your home. Do not fall to the guiles of inferior quality agents in South Florida  just because they are ready to accept lower fees. You must do a thorough search of the background of the agent before finalizing him.  An experienced real estate agent in South Florida  may charge higher fee but he can also sell your home at higher prices than those who promise a lot but force you to accept an offer much less than you had in mind.

3.    Rejecting Early Offers

It goes without saying that selling a property is a time consuming process that requires lots of patience from the seller. On the one hand it is necessary to maintain your cool and hold on when you start to receive offers, you must also make sure not to reject these early offers outright. You do not expect best price offers on the very first weekend. But do not be rude to early offer makers and keep in touch as you never know if you might have to return to one of these offers finally.

4.    Trying to sell the Property on Your Own

Many homeowners feel that they can sell their property on their own and it is a waste of money to hire the services of a real estate agent. But selling a home is not a joke as it involves a lot of paperwork and formalities. A property dealer knows where to begin and how to iron out wrinkles in the entire procedure. Selling a property through a broker is often less costly than it is when you try to sell it on your own.

5.    Poor Quality Photos in the Listing

It is easy to put off prospective buyers with poor quality photos that you give at the time of listing. Buyers are not impressed with photos that are dull or do not show the property in good light.

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4 Tips before Buying Waterfront Property in 2017

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4 Tips before Buying Waterfront Property in 2017

Buying or selling real estate is one of the toughest decisions of the life of an individual. This is because it has an impact on many crucial factors such as quality of life, financial security. Having a property on water is the dream of many people as they are excited by the happiness and peacefulness they would get with the views of sunrise and sunsets. The roar of the waves or the view of the crystal clear water in itself is a big incentive for those looking for a home after retirement. There is always a great demand for waterfront properties. This is why it is trickier to buy and sell a property involving waterfront. But if you follow these tips, you can make your decision easier.

1.    Contact a real estate agent who is truly a specialist of waterfront properties

This is the first and foremost requirement whether you are buying or selling a waterfront property. Agents who deal with these properties day in and day out not only know the best deals available among these properties but also the loopholes involved with some of these properties.

2.    More than the house, it is the waterfront that is more important

The real estate agent would try to impress you with the features of the house if he knows that swimming in the water is mucky or the approach to the water body is not that easy. It could be that the property is not totally private. Whatever the reason, pay more attention to  the waterfront than the amenities inside the house as after all it is the location that has attracted you to come to the area.

3.    Make sure that property suits your lifestyle

Even if the view of the waves is great and you also get mesmerizing views of the sunrise and sunset, are you prepared to buy the house if it takes about half an hour to reach the water body? All your enthusiasm will die down in a day or two and you will give up on the idea to go and swim to refresh yourself if it takes so much to reach the water body. If you are passionate about sunrise and sunset views and sounds of roaring ocean waves, then it is OK as it suits your lifestyle.

4.    Besides beauty and nature, strength of the structure is important

Do not pay a high amount for a waterfront property only because you are getting serene and peaceful lifestyle to live. See that the house is built to take storms and hurricanes and takes abuse from elements in its stride.


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Summer 2017 Housing Market Prediction

Summer 2017 Housing Market Prediction:  Hot… Very Hot

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2017 home sales came out of the blocks strong in January; growing at its fastest rate since 2007.   According to the National Association of Realtors®, houses were on the market for an average of just 50 days.  In January of 2012, the average turn-around time was 99 days.

Optimism inserts money, primarily investor money, into the marketplace.  When investors are optimistic and the stock market rises and shows stability, banks typically loosen their guidelines.  Low interest rates, more forgiving mortgage guidelines, low and no down payment mortgage options and rent increases have put the housing market in gear, and it’s just starting to get heated.

Inventory remains the only issue as there is currently just a 3.6-month supply of inventory nationwide; which happens to be the lowest in history.  That means if no new houses are listed, by May there would be no existing homes for sale in the market.  I expect builders to be licking their chops and that’s a good thing for the housing market.  When our country is building, it means people are confident in their futures.  Business owners have positive expectations and employees are feeling comfortable with job security which is leading people to look at both new and existing homes.  With rental prices increasing, millennials and other first time home buyers are taking advantage of low down and no down payment mortgages.

What about Sellers?  Is it a good time to sell?

The simple law of supply and demand tells us that when there is more demand than supply, the value of sellers homes should rise right?  Wrong with today’s sellers.  Sellers today seem to think the market has reached its peak and prices will be declining.  They are acting like we are in an economy on the decline, often taking the first reasonable offer and listing their homes for less than they should.    This psychology perhaps is coming from the aftermath of the real estate meltdown as many people are satisfied with “getting out clean” or making very little on their real estate.

If you’re a buyer, you are in POLE POSITION right now; the market favors you.  If you’re a seller, consider choosing a Real Estate Agent that properly educates you on real market trends and factual data; you may find that the sale of your home is more lucrative that you think!


Make 2017 Your Home Buying Year! Great reasons why!

Make 2017 Your Home Buying Year, great reasons why!

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What a great way to start 2017 … buying a home to live, whether year-round or  that second home that will eventually will become your retirement or can be used as a trade up done the line as you are buying at today’s price not what it might cost 5 to 10 years from now in this area of South Florida.  Some of the  great reasons  for buying – interest rates are still low, great opportunities are still available and financing is available even for those might be self-employed.  Another great reason to buy We have lenders that we work with that can assist you in finding the correct type of loan for your particular needs.

Additionally, buying an investment property  is another great reason to buy – which might be make perfect sense after you have consulted with your financial advisors we can also assist you with those and financing might be a possible depending on the property.

We welcome an opportunity to assist you in finding the ideal property, whether it is a primary home, a second home or an income producing property.

And don’t forget if you prefer to buy Miami pre-Construction (another great reason to buy) in that  we still have some buildings which are almost completed, others just completed which are simply beautiful and still at good prices and then others where you can easy down payments over time and get to move in or rent it 3 to 4 years from now.

May we interest in finding that either property to buy today.  Magda can be reached at 305-868-2141 (what’s appl).  So, fall in love in South Florida!