Generation Rent is Ready for Home Ownership!

Millenials ready to purchaseMillennials are ready to purchase homes finally; after 10 years of declining numbers according to a University of Southern California study.  This is fantastic news for the housing market and fantastic news for millennials as they shift from renting to owning.  A certain shift from 2014 when Pew research reported that for the first time in 130 years, individuals between the ages of 25-44 were more likely to be living with their parents vs. owning a home.

One of the stunning statistics I came across reading a Bank of America study was total lack of understanding of what is actually available to millennials; their perceptions of what it took to own a home was incredible; here’s what it showed:

-30% of millennials believed they need 20% down to get a mortgage

-31% believed they needed 10% down

-Only 5% believed they needed 5%

-6% were simply unsure

That represents 72% of all millennials!  Yet most millennials that do in fact obtain a mortgage pay around 3%!

Until recent times, the factors that contributed to both the realities as well as poor perceptions of one’s ability to own a home were:

  1. Increase in Debt
  2. Unemployment rate
  3. Increase in rental costs leading to decrease in ability to save for a down payment
  4. Credit requirements after the mortgage meltdown
  5. Lower inventory of starter homes
  6. Getting married later- lack of dual incomes to go on mortgage

As I wrote in a prior blog, times are changing for the good.  It’s amazing what a positive outlook does for politicians, investors/Wallstreet, business owners and of course, the stock market.   Low down and no down payment mortgages are truly helping millennials obtain their goals

My advice to the millennials is simple: roll up your sleeves, get with someone that truly knows what they are talking about and define your point “A”.  Meaning, if you want to own a home, don’t be embarrassed about anything: what your bank account says, what your credit score is or what limitations you think you might have.  It’s important to get it all out on paper; some may find themselves in their own home right away, some very soon and for the rest, they are left with a clear path to point “B”, an exact game plan.

Next week I will reviewing interest rates and inventory; thanks for reading!

Real Estate – Why You Need To Buy your Real Estate Property Now

Real Estate – Why You Need To Buy your Real Estate Property Now


beachfront homeAventura Florida Buyer's Guide1717 N Bayshore Dr Unit 425544-small-009-23-DSC 7545-666x445-72dpi

Have been thinking of a buying an oceanfront or a waterfront mansion? Have you been considering buying that dream ten to twenty million home of yours but you have not been able to secure the needed financial capabilities? In case you have been dreaming of getting your dream home or property, be it oceanfront, waterfront, luxury suite, and so on, now is the right time to make that purchase.

Do you know that – As a result of the improving economy, and favorable government policies, some of these luxury properties have drastically reduced? This has made it possible for you to buy your exquisite condo at an affordable rate. Not only will you be purchasing your dream house at a relatively cheaper cost, it is also a great investment for the future.


Benefits of Real Estate Investment

In case you are the entrepreneurial-minded individual, you have been offered a wonderful opportunity to build wealth over the long-haul. Let us now take a look at some of the reasons why now seems to be the right time to invest in your real estate property.


Cash flow

Several individuals are of the habit of investing in real estate properties basically because of the cash flow. Even though we all have expenses, family commitments and obligations, however, it will still be an incredible idea to make good use of the extra money left after settling all bills.

The cash flow can serve as another source of monthly or annual income. The best part is that it is mostly passive. With this, you can concentrate more on your work or business, reinvesting in more real estate properties, or even traveling or going on vacations.

Moreover, a cash flow that comes from real estate investment is stable and highly predictable when compared with other businesses. This is great for any entrepreneur trying to endure all the fluctuations of start-up business life. Using the cash flow from your real estate home, you will be able to maneuver the bad times, and also live comfortably well all through the good times.


Tax benefits

Do you know that government reward owners of rental properties? In case you do not, now you know. However, in what way? Very simple, reduced tax! Government policies have been laid down in such a way that real estate property owner enjoys lots of tax benefits.

For this reason, an individual earning $100,000 through real estate properties gets to save more, compared to another individual earning $100,000 from their personal business. The cash flow earned from your real estate home will not be subject to self-employment tax. Tax benefits such as depreciation and significantly lower tax rates are offered by the government for long-term profits.

The loan pay down

On purchasing your real estate property through a mortgage, your tenant will be responsible for taking care of the mortgage payment. Hence, your net worth will be increased every month. This is due to the fact that the loan pays down on a real estate property is basically a savings account which automatically keeps on growing. There won’t be any need for you to deposit money on monthly.

Any amount you owe today on your real estate home reduces as time goes on. This is because your tenant keeps on making payment on your behalf, making you richer in the process. A couple of decades into the futures, your mortgage will be totally settled. All thanks to your tenant taking care of the payment for the mortgage, you are now the sole owner of assets. You may later decide to sell or continue renting.



The major advantage that distinct real estate from other investment is appreciation. After making the down payment, and as you continue to pay up the loan, the value of your real estate home appreciates. Even though value can drop as a result of a recession, yet, the value will still go up over time. This is why it is advisable to buy your dream home now when you can get it at a relatively affordable rate. 30 years from now, one thing is certain, the value of your home or property worth more than the amount you purchased it today.


A hedge against inflation

Has it ever crossed your mind that there will be a time that a candy bar will cost five dollars, or a gallon of milk will go for ten dollars? This is one of the things we can expect as a result of inflation. Inflation can be referred to as a situation whereby prices of goods increase as a result of the decreasing value of money.

Even though most people are afraid of inflation, as a property owner, you need not to. When the prices go up, the same thing will happen to rents, and value of your property. Everything will rise. However, your fixed-rate mortgage payment will not be affected. As the cost of living continues to rise due to inflation, the cash flow on your real estate home will also increase. With this reason, real estate properties are often referred to as “a hedge against inflation.” Whenever inflation occurs, you are well prepared.


There you have it! All these are some of the reasons why you should consider investing in a real estate home, especially now when the cost of purchasing or mortgaging a real estate home is quite affordable. Not only will you be taking control of the situation, you will also be securing a financial future for yourself.

By looking for great deals, evaluating real estate investment, and also learning how to finance the property you are looking at buying, you will be able to get the best out of your real estate investment. Also, consider hiring a real estate agent. No one gets the job done better than a professional. Not only will the realtor save you the time and stress, but you are also guaranteed to get the best deal.

4 Tips before Buying Waterfront Property in 2017

Home Buying

4 Tips before Buying Waterfront Property in 2017

Buying or selling real estate is one of the toughest decisions of the life of an individual. This is because it has an impact on many crucial factors such as quality of life, financial security. Having a property on water is the dream of many people as they are excited by the happiness and peacefulness they would get with the views of sunrise and sunsets. The roar of the waves or the view of the crystal clear water in itself is a big incentive for those looking for a home after retirement. There is always a great demand for waterfront properties. This is why it is trickier to buy and sell a property involving waterfront. But if you follow these tips, you can make your decision easier.

1.    Contact a real estate agent who is truly a specialist of waterfront properties

This is the first and foremost requirement whether you are buying or selling a waterfront property. Agents who deal with these properties day in and day out not only know the best deals available among these properties but also the loopholes involved with some of these properties.

2.    More than the house, it is the waterfront that is more important

The real estate agent would try to impress you with the features of the house if he knows that swimming in the water is mucky or the approach to the water body is not that easy. It could be that the property is not totally private. Whatever the reason, pay more attention to  the waterfront than the amenities inside the house as after all it is the location that has attracted you to come to the area.

3.    Make sure that property suits your lifestyle

Even if the view of the waves is great and you also get mesmerizing views of the sunrise and sunset, are you prepared to buy the house if it takes about half an hour to reach the water body? All your enthusiasm will die down in a day or two and you will give up on the idea to go and swim to refresh yourself if it takes so much to reach the water body. If you are passionate about sunrise and sunset views and sounds of roaring ocean waves, then it is OK as it suits your lifestyle.

4.    Besides beauty and nature, strength of the structure is important

Do not pay a high amount for a waterfront property only because you are getting serene and peaceful lifestyle to live. See that the house is built to take storms and hurricanes and takes abuse from elements in its stride.


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Summer 2017 Housing Market Prediction

Summer 2017 Housing Market Prediction:  Hot… Very Hot

Family in Home frame-2

2017 home sales came out of the blocks strong in January; growing at its fastest rate since 2007.   According to the National Association of Realtors®, houses were on the market for an average of just 50 days.  In January of 2012, the average turn-around time was 99 days.

Optimism inserts money, primarily investor money, into the marketplace.  When investors are optimistic and the stock market rises and shows stability, banks typically loosen their guidelines.  Low interest rates, more forgiving mortgage guidelines, low and no down payment mortgage options and rent increases have put the housing market in gear, and it’s just starting to get heated.

Inventory remains the only issue as there is currently just a 3.6-month supply of inventory nationwide; which happens to be the lowest in history.  That means if no new houses are listed, by May there would be no existing homes for sale in the market.  I expect builders to be licking their chops and that’s a good thing for the housing market.  When our country is building, it means people are confident in their futures.  Business owners have positive expectations and employees are feeling comfortable with job security which is leading people to look at both new and existing homes.  With rental prices increasing, millennials and other first time home buyers are taking advantage of low down and no down payment mortgages.

What about Sellers?  Is it a good time to sell?

The simple law of supply and demand tells us that when there is more demand than supply, the value of sellers homes should rise right?  Wrong with today’s sellers.  Sellers today seem to think the market has reached its peak and prices will be declining.  They are acting like we are in an economy on the decline, often taking the first reasonable offer and listing their homes for less than they should.    This psychology perhaps is coming from the aftermath of the real estate meltdown as many people are satisfied with “getting out clean” or making very little on their real estate.

If you’re a buyer, you are in POLE POSITION right now; the market favors you.  If you’re a seller, consider choosing a Real Estate Agent that properly educates you on real market trends and factual data; you may find that the sale of your home is more lucrative that you think!