Make 2017 Your Home Buying Year! Great reasons why!

Make 2017 Your Home Buying Year, great reasons why!

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What a great way to start 2017 … buying a home to live, whether year-round or  that second home that will eventually will become your retirement or can be used as a trade up done the line as you are buying at today’s price not what it might cost 5 to 10 years from now in this area of South Florida.  Some of the  great reasons  for buying – interest rates are still low, great opportunities are still available and financing is available even for those might be self-employed.  Another great reason to buy We have lenders that we work with that can assist you in finding the correct type of loan for your particular needs.

Additionally, buying an investment property  is another great reason to buy – which might be make perfect sense after you have consulted with your financial advisors we can also assist you with those and financing might be a possible depending on the property.

We welcome an opportunity to assist you in finding the ideal property, whether it is a primary home, a second home or an income producing property.

And don’t forget if you prefer to buy Miami pre-Construction (another great reason to buy) in that  we still have some buildings which are almost completed, others just completed which are simply beautiful and still at good prices and then others where you can easy down payments over time and get to move in or rent it 3 to 4 years from now.

May we interest in finding that either property to buy today.  Magda can be reached at 305-868-2141 (what’s appl).  So, fall in love in South Florida!